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A testimonial by Peter Fiske
As the foremost collector of whips ( I have more than the Smithsonian) and as an expert on whips and their use I am impelled to give your whips my highest reccomendation.

There is no better braider on the planet than Joe Wheeler. Why, you may ask? Joe's whips are always the tightest braid, the best and strongest inner cores or shot bags and the best materials and they are the best balanced whips I have seen.

Joe Wheeler''s whips last forever and best of all they just WORK so much better than any I have played with or seen...and I have seen thousands of whips from all corners of the world.

Joe Wheeler is the Best of the Best of Whipmakers working today and he produces the Best Whips. I should know I have over 1000 whips and I have 16 of Joe's whips and they are my favorites.

Daddy Peter Fiske
San Francisco



A testimonial by Bob Deegan

At every one of my seminars, I'm asked to suggest a whip maker. Over the many years, I've sampled a wide variety of whips from a wide variety of makers and Joe Wheeler is the only one I recommend.

I do this not only because the quality of Joe’s whips are unsurpassed and that his dedication to creating the finest product is uncompromising, but because I believe that every person wielding a whip should grant every person on the receiving end a whip session that allows for the greatest degrees of accuracy and control.

Joe Wheeler has set the bar for the BDSM community and his work is an inspiration to every whip maker I’ve known.

Thanks Joe for all that you’ve done for us and I look forward to your website developing.

My best to you,

Bob Deegan

A testimonial by Roger Stevens

I have been active in BDSM for over 15 years. Over these years I have attended BDSM events around the country. At most of these events you’ll find vendors making everything from floggers to quirts to whips. I’m not saying there aren’t good quality whips out there, but nothing I have ever seen can compare to the work done by Joe Wheeler.

While the saying goes “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” there is a one-of-a-kind quality to Joe’s work that cannot be copied. As someone who loves whips (I own 16 whips in a variety of lengths and plaits) I have not found anyone whose work can be compared to Joe’s.

Why are Joe’s whips so special? He takes the extra time to get just the right hides, to hand-cut the plaits for braiding, and especially to design the whip to match the future owner. He also has a gift for braiding that has not been seen for many years.

I teach seminars on signal whips around the country. I always make it a point to show people what a Joe Wheeler whip looks like. They marvel at braiding that is so close and so tight that it seems like the whip is made of one piece rather than 20 or 25 strands of kangaroo hide cut into thin strips.

For those of you who are familiar with the phrase, Joe groks whips. For those who don’t know the word, it’s from an old Robert Heinlein book. To grok something is to truly know something like you know yourself, to understand completely, complete intuitive understanding. Joe groks whips and I would recommend his work to anyone who is serious about owning only the best.

Roger Stevens

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A testimonial by Metrick

Mr Wheeler is a " Master " . He has spent a lifetime earning the title. He didnt pick it out of a red pouch, choose it for himself out of a blue funk or think it up on some foggy mystical highway. He worked long and hard to become what he is............. an inventor, an explorer, a devout craftsman and the creator of the the finest whips on the planet.

From philosophy through concept to kangaroo ... talking design and construction with the man is an experience somewhere between physics and zen, with a little naval history thrown in, a great personal story or two or three... and maybe some ancient japanese swordmaking techniques, well you get the picture........

His whips float, they balance to your hand and you learn in short measure all one need do is to observe the action... and send it on its way - the whip will find its way home - - every time.
Oh yeah, one more thing, call me crazy but I can assure you that the spirit - yeah , you heard right, the spirit of that kangaroo resides in every whip, the life of it. I have no clue how the guy does that.

Joe's whips belong to no particular genre - BDSM, Serious Work of Art, Martial Art, Meditation Tool or Working Cowhand. They stand on their own, ....braided by a Master. Thanks for doing what you do Joseph, I don't know what I'd do without you

~ Metrick


A testimonial by Paul

Hi Joe,
I've test drove the whip a little bit (about an hour and a half of ranging practice) and it feels great. Over the last year or so I've been lucky enough to have borrowed several whips, from friends, from many whip-makers all over the world:

I have to say that this one felt at home in my hand from the beginning. Many of the borrowed whips have been expensive but yours is just superior.

What I was looking for was an expertly made plain black whip and I think I have found it in this lovely creature.