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Here's how we normally accept an order:

A) An order can be placed one of 3 ways, e-mail, phone or snail-mail.

  • E-mail address:
  • Phone number: (425) 774-3956
  • Mailing Address:
    • Joe Wheeler, 20529 Damson Road, Lynnwood, WA 98036

B) Once your order has been received, Joe will contact you confirming that he has put your order in his order queue. The easiest and fastest way for him to do this is to include an email address with your order.

C) Once your order is in Joe's order queue, the length of time before you will receive your beautiful piece of art will depend on several things, i.e. what you’ve ordered, what time of year it is and how many orders are in front of yours.

Note: Joe has recently decided to not require a down payment for an order.

D) When your order is complete and you have been notified, his preferred method of payment is a money order or a bank draft for the items price and the shipping and handling fees.

E) Once your check has arrived, Joe will mail your order to you. He usually uses the USPS, but if you have requested to have your package sent to your by some other courier your wishes will be followed.

Note: Personalized requirements and individual specifications are often very much part of the process of creating your bespoke whip or flogger, please be as specific about your requirements as possible, thanks.