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About Joe Wheeler


Joe Wheeler's fascination with the fine art of leathercraft can be traced back to the early 70's through an apprenticeship arrangement with David Morgan. After a 10-12 year close association with Morgan, Joe relocated to Chicago having emerged from the experience as master leather braider in his own right. A mail order system was set up so that Joe could produce product for Morgan from Chicago.

Soon after Joe relocated, a gentleman affiliated with the Hellfire Club in Chicago opened the door to the S/m community and its' views on the use of whips as they relate to interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, David Morgan severed his relationship with Joe when it became apparent he was braiding for the leather community.

Joe Wheeler's love of leather and leather braiding was not confined to his association with David Morgan. Joe's roots in the fine art of leather braiding can also be traced back to his days as a member of Merchant Marine when he braided at sea.

Also noteworthy was his training in English saddle making under the auspices of Cordwainers College, a historic institution established in 1887 as a leather trades school by the City and Guilds of London Institute (C & G). The college is controlled by the Cordwainers College Association Limited and has a large governing body drawn mainly from the leather related livery companies and senior members of the leather industry.

Joe Wheeler's rich life experience's have brought him to a place where exotic hides are the inspiration for new designs and one of a kind specialty items. Galley, bull and signal whips in addition to matched and balanced floggers, cats, quirts and variation through original custom designs are the order of the day. Hides are hand selected with great care and are procured through fine leather houses such as Epi Leather and Louis Vuitton in addition to top quality Kangaroo from Australia.

A short list of hides currently being used in production includes, but are not limited to: Hippopotamus, French Tanned Water Buffalo, Shark, Elephant, Sting Ray Skin and Norwegian Elk.


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