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Care of your whip

Looking after your whip

Don’t use ‘Neatsfootoil’. It saturates the leather. It causes the leather to act like paper when you wet it with water. There is a fine balance in the fiber structure of leather and so, the fibers of the paper pull apart easily.

The old Australian braider's soap was a mixture of sheep mutton fat, beef tallow and soap. What you want to do is replace the oil that has been removed from the leather during the tanning process. Using natural fats from animals is preferred over synthetic alternatives to make the leather more supple and strong, just the way it was when it was part of the living animal.


Most people use too much dressing on their whips. My product, “Joe's Whip Wax”, is so concentrated, that a very small dot in the center of your palm is enough to condition the entire whip.

DO NOT condition your whip for the first 12" from the knot. Never go near the handle of your whip with conditioner. While using your whip, the natural oils of your hand are enough to keep the handle of your whip well conditioned and lubricated.

NOTE: The whip tends to be dryer at the cracker end because of use. So your main applications of lubricant should be concentrated here.

To see if your whip is in need of lubrication simply run your hand down the entire length of it. Leather is just like your skin, you can feel where it is dryer and in need of lubrication.

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